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About Buffalo Dental Implant

Dental Implant and Periodontal Services

Buffalo Dental Implant is owned and operated by Dr. Gregory Farber, a Certified Periodontal Reconstructive Surgeon. We specialize in dental implants, full arch (full mouth) implants and treating periodontal and gum disease. 

We've been in the Buffalo NY market for over 25 years, and Buffalo is where Dr. Farber started his dental career. Over time, Dr. Farber became the go-to dental surgeon that many general dentists in the area refer their patients to for dental implant placements and for periodontal disease treatments. Based on his reputation and high success rate, Dr. Farber grew this medical practice to become a leading center for implant treatments and periodontal therapies. 

Today, we have many specialized periodontal hygienists on staff along with additional periodontal surgeons that Dr. Farber has personally vetted for skill sets and the attention to detail that created Buffalo Dental Implant. 

Our goal at Buffalo Dental Implant is to give every person true options in our no-judgement atmosphere. When you choose us, you're choosing a safe, no-guilt, no-pressure place to restore your smile and your confidents.  

We don't just fix teeth, we change lives.

Every day a patient tells us how amazing their experience was, how down to earth each of our surgeons are, how the procedures were so much easier than they thought, and how great our staff is. This is the stuff we live for. This is why we do what we do. We are honored to be part of so many people's stories. We are thrilled beyond belief each time we change a person's life by helping them smile proudly again. Or helping someone finally eat corn on the cob (or steak, that's a big one too). Or when we help someone save their teeth. We have cried many happy tears with patients who get handed "the mirror" and they see a full set of healthy teeth smiling back at them again. We love what we do.

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