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Osseous Surgery

   If you're researching Osseous surgery, you most likely know by now that periodontal disease causes the gums and bones surrounding your teeth to detach from the tooth. You can read more about periodontal disease here. 

  Osseous surgery is a procedure that allows our specially trained periodontal surgeons to skillfully and gently lift the gums around the areas of  your infected teeth and gain access to the jawbones. This part of the process can be referred to as GFP, Gingival Flap Procedure or Gingival Flap Surgery. Our surgeons can then clean the trapped bacteria, removed diseased gum tissue, and correct the bone around each tooth creating a solid bone and jaw foundation for your healthy smile. The gum and jawbone is cleaned and reshaped and creates a healthy foundation for your teeth. 

  Osseous surgery is an advanced periodontal procedure and is typically the next step when a person's gum disease has advanced past being able to be corrected with scaling and root planing.  It is the best course of action for when the perio disease has progressed to the bone and the bone needs reshaping. The name Osseous is derived from "os" which is the latin word for bone. 

  After your Osseous procedure, your gum tissue can once again adhere to your teeth, allowing both you and your dentist to keep your teeth free from plaque build up.

  Reducing pocket size around the gum tissue is advantageous because gum pockets are where bacteria can get trapped. You can't brush bacteria out when it's under your gums. Once it's trapped in a pocket, it forms plaque within 24 hours. This plaque then causes the gum tissue to recede and eventually leads to bone loss. This is how teeth start to get loose (mobile) and tooth loss begins here. 

Osseous surgery combined with a dedication to taking care of your teeth, gets you back on track for a healthy mouth.

  Our Buffalo Dental Implant Periodontal Surgeons perform many of these procedures each month. Even people who thought they were a "hopeless case" have had their oral health turned around in the hands of our team.

We don't just fix teeth, we change lives. Let's see if we can change yours.

We're excited to help. 

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