Confi-Dents vs Denture

Confi-Dents vs Dentures

Designed and trademarked by Dr. Gregory A. Farber DDS, Confi-Dents® are a revolutionary new breed of hybrid prosthetics. These new dental implant supported state-of-the-art ultraslim dental prosthetics enable people to eliminate the need for bulky plastic dentures and adhesives. Confi-Dents are creating a paradigm shift in dental hybrid reconstruction. Confi-Dents provide a 24/7 solution to missing teeth. They give you back the ability to eat WHATEVER you want again! They are capable of restoring your facial structures to give you a more youthful appearance, along with enabling you to smile and feel good about yourself again. Confi-Dents provide people with a solution to missing teeth that is far beyond what even the best denture is capable of ever providing. Because Confi-Dents are completely custom designed, you are now able to decide how YOU want to look again. These hybrid prosthetics are fully implant supported and retained. But, rather than having permanent dentures screwed into place, they are designed to enable you to remove them so that they can be easily cleaned along with your implants. Long term maintainability is drastically enhanced. Don't settle for the look of a denture or the look that some lab figured you should have.  With Confi-Dents, you make all the choices. The beauty of Confi-Dents is in the ability to custom design each and every case to meet your specifications. Most people are unaware that they actually have any real options when it comes to their dental reconstruction. With Confi-Dents you have MANY options! Confi-Dents are exclusively available at Buffalo Dental Implant. The consultation for Confi-Dents is completely free. With 0% financing, why waste another minute. Call today and regain your confidence with Confi-Dents!



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