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Accelerated Healing

(Zimmer Biomet Trabecular Metal) Implants

Dr. Gregory Farber and Buffalo Dental Implant take pride in remaining at the forefront of implant technologies. We offer only the best advances in the market. Backed by extensive research and studies, we are proud to offer Zimmer Biomet Accelerated Healing Trabecular Metal Implants as part of our suite of implant options.


Accelerated Healing Implants have a porous surface (see image below) that allows bone to integrate into the implant in a different and accelerated fashion than traditional standard dental implants do. It is designed for bone ingrowth, meaning that the bone integrates not only to the outside surface (as in standard dental implants) but also grows into the inside of new Trabecular surface.

Standard dental implants allow healing by attaching to the outside helical screw edge of standard dental implants and they remain a solid and lifetime lasting solution (see standard dental implants)

Accelerated Healing Implants simply heal faster and can be restored with a crown much sooner. 

Which one is stronger in the long run? Accelerated Healing and Standard Dental Implants both offer the same durability that in most cases can be expected to last a lifetime.

Why would I choose the Accelerated Healing Implant? This implant is designed to make your healing time faster. Accelerated Healing Implants let you have your implant placed, healed and then your crown attached in a 2 weeks time period.


Dr. Farber will be able to determine at your free implant consultation whether you are a candidate for the Accelerated Healing Trabecular Implant. 

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