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Periodontal Maintenance, Periodontal Cleaning

Once periodontal treatment has been completed, your long term stability will depend on how well you are maintained by your periodontist and how well you maintain your teeth and gums.. This is a combination of how good your home care is along with the frequency of periodontal maintenance visits. Once you have Periodontal Disease, unfortunately,  you have it for life. But it doesn't have to be a problem for your whole life. You just have to remember that you are always at risk of recurrence.

Buffalo Dental Implant's Periodontal hygienists are here to train you on proper periodontal maintenance. With proper guidance, you can make a difference and save your teeth.

There is no judgement in our office and no matter how bad your teeth are, we've seen worse. We are a safe place. We are here to help. Let us help you to make a difference in your life. 


Learn more on the following video.

Periodontal Maintenance

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