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Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Osseous Surgery

If it is determined after conservative periodontal treatment that surgery is needed, it is often times only limited areas that will need to be treated.


Osseous surgery is performed to remove any residual tissue around the diseased teeth that is no longer attached to the root as healthy tissue should be. If this tissue is left without surgery the likelihood of your disease progressing further in time maybe higher. Minor re-contouring of the tissue and possibly bone will facilitate the ability to maintain these areas more easily over time. This procedure is usually done in limited sections requiring only local anesthetic (numbing).

Most patients can return to their normal activities immediately following Osseous surgery, and require only over the counter pain medication. Stitches that are placed most commonly are the kind that dissolve on their own. Sensitivity and tenderness similar to scaling & root planing is what can be expected after surgery. These usually last only for a short period of time and are easily treated if they persist.

Dr. Rapoport's approach to surgery is conservative and whenever possible non surgical treatment will be recommended. In some cases there may be medications that can be used under the gum instead of surgery. If this is an option with your specific condition, Dr. Rapoport will let you know before considering periodontal surgery.

"My gums needed attention and I was referred to Buffalo Dental Implant. It required gum flap surgery and the awesome team took care of me. They were efficient and fun to work with. My gums are on the mend. My insurance was difficult, Angela stuck with it and fought the battle to victory. This is a well run, competent organization at all levels that I highly recommend to anyone."
Chris E... Facebook Review
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