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Periodontal Home Care for After Periodontal Surgery



  • Do not brush directly on the area for 14 days (Ok to brush all other teeth).

  • Do not chew directly on surgical site for 14 days.

  • Do not spit or use straws for 48 hours.

  • Do not pull on lip to examine area anytime during the 1st week.

  • Rinse gently 2-3 times per day with prescribed rinse- no substitutes.

  • No heavy exercise or lifting on the day of or day after the surgery.

  • No crunchy, seedy type foods for one week.

  • If antibiotics have been prescribed take until completely finished. 

  • Apply an ice pack to face over surgical site for 10-15 minutes repeatedly throughout the day of surgery.

If you have any problems or concerns, Dr. Farber can be reached at:


Emergency Number 

(716) 912-8686


Office Number

(716) 882-3777

Another 5 star patient review

"Wonderful staff and professional care. I've been going to Buffalo Dental Implant for a few years to have my teeth cleaned and recently received two dental implants. I couldn't be happier with the results! The entire staff is friendly, courteous and professional. These folks provide excellent dental care and I highly recommend their services."

David K. - Rate-A-Biz

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