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Extraction and Implant Placement
Extraction Model

Tooth Extractions

Patient Quote -

"If having a tooth pulled can be a positive experience then this is the place. It is now over a month since I had molar extracted. It sucks losing a tooth but if you must have one removed do it here! The tooth was infected and caused great pain for a month. Dr. Farber is very hands on and explained the options I had, including keeping the tooth. I elected to have it removed. From the reception desk to the operating chair this is the best in Buffalo. Friendly staff, super clean place, and an anxiety free environment, i can't say enough about how great this place is! Dr. Farber and staff are true professionals!"

Henry B - Google Review



We perform extractions when they are in conjunction with dental implant placement. (If you need extractions only, you will want to contact an oral surgeon). Buffalo Dental Implant has  periodontal surgeons, on staff to make extractions as easy and as painless as they can possibly be. Because of our experience, it doesn't cost more to have a surgeon extract your tooth, either.

Did you know that the best time to have a dental implant placed is at the moment that your tooth is extracted? It's true, Whenever possible your clear choice is to  have same day dental implants. Buffalo Dental Implant specializes in same day implants.  

 All literature supports immediate dental implant placement and grafting to be done at the time of extraction. Even if  there is presence of infection, antibiotics can be used and you can have your tooth extracted, implant placed and site grafted in one visit. Wouldn't  you rather have one surgery with only an average of 12 to 16 weeks till your final crown is placed or three surgeries 6 to 12 months before your final crown is placed. Contact our office with questions. Our dental implant consults are always free. Dr. Gregory Farber is a certified dental implant surgeon and his patients see faster results with little or no pain every single day. Let us help you change your life.

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