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Esthetic Tissue Grafting, Gum Grafting

Gum Grafting & Esthetic Tissue Grafting

  If you are experiencing gum recession, there are a few reasons you should address it. Gingival recession is tissue breakdown that results in root surface exposure.  This can cause hot/cold sensitivity. It creates less support for your affected teeth and could lead to bone loss. It is also aesthetically less attractive than a healthy gum line. When the gum tissue recedes, it exposes you to greater risk for infection and bacterial penetration.  The root is softer than the enamel making it more vulnerable to bacteria.

  A soft tissue graft is used when there has been  gum recession in a particular area. 

  There are many grafting techniques that are available these days. Buffalo Dental Implant has numerous customizable techniques available from our staff of Periodontal      Reconstructive Surgeons.  Our surgeons  are well  versed in all of the latest grafting techniques. Our team can fix whatever recession problems you are having. Whether you are concerned about tooth loss, or want to have the most esthetically pleasing smile, visit Buffalo Dental Implant and find out all the options you have to address your grafting needs.


We have several periodontal hygienists and periodontal surgeons on staff. Our many 5 star reviews from happy patients come from the fact that surgeons performing your work is very advantageous to your healing.  Our surgeons have more precision and speed which allows for minimized time that your tissue is being adjusted. Hence, faster and cleaner healing. 

Some of the gum therapy and surgery procedures that we do include: 

Free Gingival Soft Tissue Grafts.

Sub Epithelial Connective Tissue Grafts.

Gum Grafting

Esthetic Grafting. 

Patient Review - 

"Years of not being comfortable enough to actually smile, going through countless infected teeth problems, not being able to enjoy food, due to a serious anxiety issue that made going to the dentist nearly impossible has finally come to an end. Today I am smiling and happy to start the rest of my life with even more confidence than ever before thanks to Dr. Farber, Dr.Orfi, Chingiz Vagidov, and the other wonderful staff for making my visit as comfortable as possible. They greet you with a smile and assure you you will leave with one, If you're looking for a dentist in the area who knows what he's doing you definitely want to look into Dr. Farber. as you will be in good hands and feel like you're part of the group!"

Nick - Google Review

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