Peri-Implantitis is very similar to periodontal disease. If you are seeking to have implants placed, a thorough evaluation of your periodontal condition should be assessed prior to ANY implant surgery. These days, there are many general dentists that take a few continuing education courses and begin placing implants in their practices. Make no mistake about it, there's much more to treatment planning and placing an implant than simply having a screw put in your jaw. Without collecting ALL the information necessary prior to placing an implant, many implants will be doomed to fail. Having the knowledge to assess a case properly, along with the ability to manage any complication that could occur, is what sets a Periodontal Reconstructive Surgeon apart from a general dentist when it comes to placing implants. Make sure to see the right person for the right job so you can avoid wasting your money on something that is going to fail because of poor treatment planning and case management.


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