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Sinus Elevation & Augmentation 

The floor of your sinuses rest directly above the roots of your upper teeth.

You may have been diagnosed as needing a sinus lift to  allow for dental implants to be placed. It can also be called a subantral graft. It sounds a lot worse than it is.

Why do you need a sinus lift to get a dental implant placed? The floor of your sinus may have started  to sag if you have bone loss due to periodontal disease or due to a missing tooth.  (There's a visual below)

The great news is that as a periodontal surgeon, Dr. Farber corrects this condition pretty much on a daily basis.

Dr. Farber can create a bed of soft bone grafting material that lifts the floor of the sinus back up into place and makes ample room for your standard dental implant to be safely placed. Your own bone grows into the bone grafting material and it becomes a strong and natural part of your body.

Each person's case can be different and there may be times when Buffalo Dental Implant chooses between a Vertical Sinus Elevation or a Lateral Sinus Elevation. Our surgeon will choose the technique based on what's best for you. 

In most situations, the implant is safely placed at the same visit. As in life, there can always be rare exceptions to this rule. 

Sinus lift procedures are highly predictable (meaning highly likely to be successful) for healing and easily done with the same  local anesthetic used to place your implants. 

Sinus elevation with dental implant at Buffalo Dental Implant
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