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Standard Dental Implant, Best Dental Implant
Standard Dental Implant Model

Standard Dental Implants:

  • Replace the root of your tooth in your jaw line and help prevent bone loss in your jaw.

  • Typically last a lifetime.

  • Never decay.

  • Prevent other teeth from shifting in your mouth (as opposed to having a missing tooth gap).

  • Your Dental Implant Cost is less over your life time than just about any other tooth restorations.

  • Having a surgeon place your implant can save money because of volume and the speed of placement. Speed of placement cause less pain because he's in your mouth for a shorter time.


Standard dental implants most closely mirror the shape of a natural tooth root. 

Affordable Dental Implants

Dental Implants have completely changed what can be done to restore your mouth, teeth and your smile. With advances in surface technology and implant design, certain types of dental implants are now capable of being placed at the same time that a tooth is being extracted, even if you have had an infection present. Standard Dental Implants have the highest documented success rate of any restoration available. They can replace single teeth, multiple teeth, full mouth and can even add support and retention to ill fitting dentures. They help maintain bone mass as you age, eliminate the need for destroying adjacent teeth with bridge work, cannot decay and will never need root canals. They look and function just like the original teeth they replace. Only you can determine what quality of life you want to have when it comes to replacing your teeth. Dental implants have a 99% success rate. Bridge work has  85% success rate for 7-10 years and a 50% failure rate after 10 years. A partial denture, or denture, no matter how well its made, will at best restore approximately 1/5th of your biting force, and never feel like your natural teeth.

If you're not sure who the best dentist for dental implants is, there is an article that you should read regarding  having your implants placed by a general dentist vs a Certified Surgeon. There is an article by the IDIA that shows the statistical failure rate of implants that are placed by General Dentists is 18.7%. That is a DRASTIC difference from the 99% success rate achieved when seeing a Surgical Specialist! If you are interested click the following link to read it for yourself;


Dr. Gregory Farber is one of the top Dental Implant Surgeons in the country, Because of this, he is able to negotiate implant costs with the implant companies and labs making us truly affordable dental implants. He is able to reduce your costs significantly and still offer the best implant experience. This is why dental implant cost can actually be a better value when a surgeon places your dental implant. Having the best place them should  not mean they can't be affordable. If you're considering an implant being placed anywhere else, do yourself a favor and come to Buffalo Dental Implant for a second opinion before making your final choice...not all implants are created equal. Buffalo Dental Implant only uses the highest quality dental implants available in the industry today. Straumann and BioHorizon, and Zimmer Biomet are three of the top implant companies in the world. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to dental implants. With the multitude of shapes, sizes, lengths, platforms, tissue level and bone level implants available between these two companies, Dr. Farber is capable of reconstructing and placing implants customized to any situation. Understand the difference before you decide so that you can make the clear choice that is right for you. See why Buffalo Dental Implant and Dr. Gregory Farber's patients considered us best dental implants in Buffalo NY. 

 What are Dental Implants? 
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