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Dr. M.L. Mariani DDS

Advanced Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dental Team

Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics

Dr. Mara L. Mariani DDS - Advanced Dental Reconstructive Dentist at Buffalo Dental Implant

Dr. Farber works directly with a great number dentist's throughout  Western New York, and in conjunction with Dentists from around the country, to help reconstruct from the simplest to most advanced cases.  In addition to being able to work with your present dentist, if you do not have a dentist, are looking for a new dentist,  or just wish to have a second opinion , Dr. Farber also works directly with a TEAM of Advanced Dental Reconstruction Dentists and Specialists. Together, they can provide any dental need you may have. Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics has only seasoned Dentists and Specialists so that you can rest assured  you will see a doctor that has had years of experience.   If you wish to learn more about the BDAC Team, go to; Only you can choose the TEAM that provides a dental experience second to none...

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