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Thank you
for considering us for your
implant supprted dentures.

We know we've already given you a lot of information
and many things to consider.
We want you to know you can ask any questions along the way to help you make the right choice for yourself. 
Here's your Customer Experience Manager.


Laura is your companion along this process. She will answer your questions, help keep track of your appointments and make sure everything is easy to understand. Her job is to make sure you have that one person along the way to help you know what is going on during each step. It's like having a helpful friend with you. 


Customer Experience Manager


1. You can expect a copy of your custom treatment plan via email in the next few days. 

2. Laura will be calling you as a follow up to your consultation to see if you have any additional questions. 

3. We will send a pre-determination to your insurance (if you have dental insurance) so you can know how much of the process they will cover. 

4. Laura can help you with WellsFargo financing questions or you can visit .

5. Your next visit with us is your smile design appointment. At this appointment we will get many small details to make your new teeth match what you want. There are a dozen different criteria such as your preferred teeth colors, your bite forward and side to side. We will determine where the center of your top teeth should be. 

You, Laura and your restorative doctor will use this visit to map out how to get to the smile that you want.

***Pro Tip - bring any photos to this visit that show your teeth from the last time that you liked them. 

We will also be preparing what we will do to get your temporary teeth ready for surgery day. 

6. Your surgery day gets scheduled and you're on the path to your new smile!

What to expect for your next steps

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