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Why we use 6 implants instead of 4 implants in our Confi-Dents implant supported dentures.

From the above video - Hi! My name is Laura and this is Dr. Pudlewski with Buffalo Dental Implant. Today we had a patient ask why we use 6 implants instead of 4 why uses for on a full fixed Confi-Dents.

(Dr. P) It's not wrong to use 4 implants. Actually most doctors use 4 implants when restoring a full arch. However, we use 6 implants because we feel there's always that slight chance that you can have an implant fail. If one fails, and we have 6 in there, then we're ok. We're still safe. we can continue on with the process. if you have an implant that fails when you only have 4, then that can kind of delay things for you. (end video transcript)

Can implants fail? There is always a small chance that an implant can fail. When ever you have a procedure done to the human body, there is a chance for the body to not react positively to the procedure.

Standard dental implants placed by a surgeon have a 99% success rate with a potential failure rate of only 1 out of 100 being unsuccessful.

We do plan for this possibility by using more implants so that denture always has support. It's like an end table. If you take out a leg, it can wobble if you lean on it. If you have an extra leg ready, you're safe.

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