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Is it safe to visit the dentist office (Buffalo Dental Implant) since the Covid 19 epidemic?

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The Corona Virus pandemic has changed the way we live. As we move forward towards "normal life" again, many people are nervous, or at the very least, very mindful of moving forward as safely as possible for themselves and for their families. 

We are often asked what we are doing at Buffalo Dental Implant to be safe to visit. 

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A good place to start is to remember that we were already a top tier surgical facility. We were already operating at a top level of sterilization every day and for every patient. Before this corona outbreak, we were already keeping ourselves and our patients safe from viruses, germs, bacteria and communicable diseases that already existed.

 Infectious Control is standard operating procedure for us. 

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In addition to this, we are going above and beyond. Our waiting area was already very big and built for social distancing before social distancing was popular. ​

We have reduced the number of seats in our waiting room so that each chair is 6 feet away from other people. We are also doing check in and check out in the procedure rooms when possible. This prevents people from congregating in the check in/check out areas. 

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Plus now we are offering no-contact fast-lane check in. All you need to do is call us in advance to request this service and you can be greeted at your vehicle and brought directly into your procedure room. 

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Everything has been super cleaned and sterilized. But again, we are like this all of the time. This should not be new or exciting news for any health facility.

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Even more over the top service includes:

1. Our staff is constantly wiping down pens, clipboards, countertops and chairs. We have doors propped open so that you don't have to touch the handles. Where this isn't possible, our staff can and will open any door for you. If you HAVE to touch a door, we are ready to

hand-sanitize you instantly. 

2. We have paperwork set up for no contact or minimum contact. We won't touch your payment methods. We have staff dedicated completely to no or minimal contact service. We can greet you in your vehicle and check you out in the procedure rooms.

3. We have staggered our schedule to have fewer appointments each day. This creates an environment where fewer people have contact with each other.

4. Our medical staff has N95 masks, shields and extra equipment as needed per situation. We want to keep you and ourselves safe, too. 

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We were already germaphobes. 

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We can't guarantee that you won't catch Covid 19. Nothing is 100% safe at this time.

But we are treating your safety like we are treating our own. We will take every possible step for everyone's health. 

We already did this every day : )

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