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If you’ve been thinking about getting a dental implant, now is the time to act~


We are having a special promotion for October, 2017.


The first 30 people to call and set up a free dental implant consult in October 2017 will receive a $450 voucher that can be applied to the cost of their implants. (You receive your voucher at the consultation). You do need the code word from our website to reserve your voucher.


The code word to mention when you call to make your appt is “Standard”


Dental implants are already much more affordable than most people think, and right now you can save $450.


As an additional bonus, each person who attends their consult in October of 2017 (and is a candidate for a dental implant) will get entered into a drawing for a chance to win an additional $1000 voucher. It just keeps getting better and either way, you win!


  • What is an implant voucher? It is a voucher that you can apply towards the price of an implant and/or associated surgical procedures done at Buffalo Dental Implant.

  • What’s the catch? There is no catch. We have been given a rare opportunity to pass along some savings.

  • What are the limitations? Only the following:

  1. These vouchers are non-transferable.

  2. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash.

  3. There is no cash back if your implant costs less than voucher value or if your insurance covers the implant procedure(s).

  4. Vouchers can not be used for past purchases.

  5. These vouchers are valid for implants, extractions, bone grafts in conjunction with implants, and any other associated surgical procedures needed to place an implant (these additional steps are not usually necessary, but just in case).

  6. Buffalo Dental Implant reserves the right to refuse to perform medical treatment when it is not appropriate or safe for any patient. If your consult results in a medical determination that implants are not appropriate for you, your voucher will become void. This is purely for patient safety.

  7. Not valid on previously placed implants or previous account balances. Patients with past due account balances do not qualify.

  8. Not valid on previously negotiated treatment plans, but people who have already received a treatment plan & have not yet had implants placed can be entered into the $1000 voucher drawing upon request.

  9. All vouchers expire March 31st, 2018.

Call 716-882-3777 to get your consult booked.

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