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Get your own Beginner's Guide to Dental Implants (7 things to know about dental implants)

Buffalo Dental Implant is owned by Dr. Gregory Farber who is a trained and certified Periodontal Surgeon. Dr. Farber places thousands of implants each year (ask your general dentist how many they place each year). This means that he has the tools, experience and the efficiency to make the process as easy and as effective as possible.

Every day patients ask us questions at their free implant consultations, and we do realize that if you haven't had an implant before, it can be very confusing. So we created the very popular "Beginner's Guide to Dental Implants". You can read it online or save it for later and even print it out if you'd like. This Guide to Dental Implants was created by all of the frequently asked questions from people learning about dental implants.

If you think you may need full mouth implants (implant supported dentures or full arch implants) there's a guide for that, too! Click here to access the guide to Confi-Dents.

You can also get your own private and free consultation with Dr. Farber by calling (716) 882-3777. We truly want to help. Our motto is - we don't just fix teeth, we change lives.

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